September 19 through September 21, Appel Farm Arts and Music Center hosted the folks from the Philadelphia Folksong Society for their annual Fall Fling.  The PFS musicians have been holding a Fall Fling for over 25 years but this was their first year communing at Appel Farm.  This was a true meeting of like-minded spirits – both the Philadelphia Folksong Society and Appel Farm have a shared mission of promoting arts and music, now and for the future.

by Admin 09/30/14

This summer, Appel Farm got a great new addition to our grounds courtesy of Mullica Hill Girl Scout Troop #62204. Before a Girl Scout can progress from being a Cadette, to becoming a Senior Girl Scout they must complete their Silver Award. 

by Admin 09/03/14

Did you know that you can get married at Appel Farm Arts & Music Center? It’s true!

Appel Farm is the perfect place for your DIY style wedding. Our beautiful, rustic location highlights nature and fun in a totally unique way! The Appel Farm grounds are truly a blank canvas just waiting for the artistic touch that reflects you and your special day.

by Admin 04/03/14

While Hurricane Sandy may have left its mark on many Jersey Shore towns, its aftermath serves to illustrate just how resilient these shore communities really are. As another summer season approaches, the shore will welcome millions of visitors for a taste of the real New Jersey.

by Sean Timmons 04/23/13

The Artistic Director’s Diary
- Sean Timmons

Reality TV has convinced a lot of people that they are able to get behind the scenes and see what really goes on. The fact that most of it is scripted and manipulated (or edited) to produce a desired outcome…well, let’s not let that get in the way of a good story!

What is missing here is mystery. There is joy in bringing our own thoughts to the table and filling in the gaps in a way that may differ from others.

by Sean Timmons 03/05/13

You can hear a catchy song on the radio and miss out when the DJ announces the artist’s name.

by Sean Timmons 10/02/12

Well kids, it's been fun sharing my thoughts and pictures about the 2012 Appel Farm Arts & Music Festival. But what I've posted on this corner of the interwebz doesn't even scratch the surface of what YOU can experience down on the farm next year. And now for the rest of the highlights as the sun sets and Tedeschi Trucks closes out yet another fabulous festival.

by Admin 06/02/12

Just all in a day at the Appel Farm Arts & Music festival. And you thought you had to leave your latent alcoholic tendencies at the door at Appel Farm. Not so! But before we get to the booze, I thought I'd share some choice pictures that I took on the WAY to the beer tent.

The Ladies Who Appel Farm


by Admin 06/02/12

Hello Appel Farm fans and noobs! This is JerzeyGrrl reporting from the field of the fabulous Appel Farm Arts and Music Festival. I was a little late getting up 95 this morning but fear not, the best is yet to come! We've got a lot on tap for you today so keep your eyes on your phones and computer screens for the latest and greatest. Better yet, come on down to Elmer, NJ for a great time for everyone. The weather is perfect and the folk beats are bangin'. Not to mention the beer and wine a flowin'...

Back in a bit!


by Admin 06/02/12

Fans of John Lennon will know his song Just Like Starting Over and it is a fitting theme as we close out one era in the life of Appel Farm concerts and embark on an exciting new venture.

by Sean Timmons 04/05/12
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