Utilikilts, mutton chops, REAL jazz flute, and a fond farewell...until 2013

Utilikilts, mutton chops, REAL jazz flute, and a fond farewell...until 2013

Well kids, it's been fun sharing my thoughts and pictures about the 2012 Appel Farm Arts & Music Festival. But what I've posted on this corner of the interwebz doesn't even scratch the surface of what YOU can experience down on the farm next year. And now for the rest of the highlights as the sun sets and Tedeschi Trucks closes out yet another fabulous festival.

The fashion. OH THE FASHION. I am a total sad panda because my phone died shortly after I experienced the awesomeness that is Dawes. The pictures I could have shared would have blown your mind. The facial hair at this year's festival really took the cake. Handlebar mustaches and mutton chops for DAYS. Next year Gillette, you need a booth at this festival, if only to spread the good news about beards. And the utilikilts? Don't get me started. I think the only other place you'd find this much man-leg is the Highland Games. These men rocked their utilikilts and they rocked them with pride. Well done sirs, well done. And finally, I saw a pair of flowered Doc Marten boots that my middle school self would have been QUITE jealous of. This granny wearing them was the OG hipster. Gangsta. She didn't care at all, and she loved it. Like one of the interns said, "She belongs on a blog SOMEWHERE".

Dawes rocked. In fact they rocked so hard that I realized they had just hit DC the night before and my roommate caught their show. She couldn't stop raving about them as I dragged my behind out to the car to hit the road for this shindig. Small world. I'll definitely be seeing them again.

The Carolina Chocolate Drops were AMAZING. Like insanely awesome. I didn't consider myself a fan of folk music before but now I'm ready to take a Southern Swing road trip to see them in their element. North Carolina anyone? I HIGHLY suggest dropping some money on their music. Your iPod will thank you.

And finally, the Tedeschi Trucks band to put a lovely bow on the evening. The Grammy-winning band totally rocked the Meadow stage with their distinctive brand of blues. Not to mention the greatest jazz flute I have ever heard. I didn't know that was an actual thing outside of "Anchorman". But it is, and they do it. They do it well.

In fact, I have to say that I loved everything I heard today. It was ALL STELLAR. And that never happens. 

Thanks to Appel Farm for bringing this District doyenne back to her home state for a dose of sun, amazing music, people watching, Jersey beer-drinking, and overall great times. Until next year kids!


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