A Musical Conversation Between Icons.

A Musical Conversation Between Icons.

The Artistic Director’s Diary
- Sean Timmons

Reality TV has convinced a lot of people that they are able to get behind the scenes and see what really goes on. The fact that most of it is scripted and manipulated (or edited) to produce a desired outcome…well, let’s not let that get in the way of a good story!

What is missing here is mystery. There is joy in bringing our own thoughts to the table and filling in the gaps in a way that may differ from others.

In the 1960s Joni Mitchell and Leonard had a romantic affair that lasted a few months but resonated down the years in their musical output. That these two iconic creative characters shared a love story provides fascinating opportunities to explore the resulting chemistry, both personal and artistic. From Joni’s “Chelsea Morning” to Cohen’s “Chelsea Hotel,” the scene is set to piece together a conversation between these two people whose work defined a generation.

It would take a very special performer to entice us into this private world of our musical heroes. You may not be familiar with the name Lauren Fox but this talented actress, author and performer has garnered accolades for her stunning cabaret show from the New York Times critic, Stephen Holden and her peers on the New York live circuit. Mr. Holden stated that her “rendition of Mr. Cohen’s “Hallelujah” was the deepest and most dramatically revealing of any I’ve heard.” Huge praise when you consider interpretations by the likes of Jeff Buckley, Rufus Wainwright, Brandi Carlile and Bono.

In January, I caught a performance of Lauren Fox’s “Love, Lust, Fear and Freedom: The Songs of Joni Mitchell and Leonard Cohen” in New York. I brought some expectation from all the advance praise I had heard and read of this show. It did not disappoint. I enjoyed a truly special evening and I am thrilled that we will host one of the first performances outside of New York City when the lights go up on this unique event at the Landis Theater on Saturday, March 23rd. I hope you will join us.


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