Camp Laundry Tips

May 24, 2023

Camp is almost here! We are so excited to welcome (or welcome back!) your camper to Appel Farm! We wanted to share with you information on how laundry is done for your camper while they are here at Appel Farm. 

For campers staying 4 or more weeks on camp, laundry is completed bi-weekly under the supervision of the Camp Operations Manager. Our staff machine-wash, dry, and hand-fold our camp laundry. Campers should plan to have at least 16 days of clean underwear. 

Please do not bring clothing that has special laundering instructions. The laundry staff will not check clothing labels for washing directions, and we are not responsible for any articles damaged in the laundry.

Put your camper’s name on everything! Our staff will work to ensure that laundry is returned in the correct bag, but in the case of a mix-up, the laundry is not labeled, they cannot guarantee it.

Appel Farm is not responsible for any articles that get lost.

For campers taking a Dance class only, you may choose to pack a small mesh laundry bag for dance clothes that have special laundering instructions. Dance Laundry bags may be given to the Dance Staff once a week.

Need help packing for camp? Wondering what time to arrive on Check-In Day? Need to brush up on the Technology Policy? You can find answers to all of your camp questions in our Camp Handbook! You can always access the handbook from the Parent Portal on our website. If you have a question that’s not covered in the handbook, feel free to give us a call in the camp office at 856-358-2472. If you have missed any previous emails they can call be found on our Camp Blog!

With Appel Farm Love, 

-The Camp Team