It’s Scary How Much We Miss You!

October 24, 2022

Happy Fall, 

It’s now the season for cozy sweaters and pumpkin spice lattes. Candy corn and the wonderful memories from this summer keep our hearts happy as the weather gets a little cooler and we await summer 2023!! Appel Farm just isn’t the same without you here! 

While we are counting down the days until Camp 2023, we just can’t wait to see you. Please let us know if there are any plays, musicals, concerts, shows, or exhibits that you will be participating in. We would love to advertise in your show programs and come to support you!

We miss you tremendously and hope to see you soon! Please let me know what you have going on in your schools and your community by emailing me at I can’t wait to see you!!

With Appel Farm Love,

Tanner Rushing