Board of Trustees

Appel Farm is accepting nominations for it’s Board of Trustees!

Appel Farm Board of Trustees – Fiscal Year 2023

*Executive Committee = Officers and Committee Chairs


Bob Cimprich, President*
Retired, Information Systems Strategy
Committees: Executive (Chair), Facilities (Ad Hoc)

Danielle Shylit, Acting Vice President (2nd Year)*
Director of Innovation, String Theory Schools
Committees: Program (Chair), Executive

Craig Getting, Secretary – Ex Officio
Professional Position: Development Director, Appel Farm
Committees: Development (Chair), Executive

Denise Hayman-Loa*, Acting Treasurer
Owner, Acadia Farm
CEO, Carii, Inc.
Committees: Finance (Chair), Executive


Toby Appel
Viola & Chamber Music Teacher, The Juilliard School; Violinist, Violist, and Narrator
Committees: Finance, Development

Marcy Bliss
President, Wedgewood Pharmacy
Committee: Development, Finance

Ronnie Cimprich, VMD*
Retired, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
Committee: Governance/Board Recruitment (Chair), Program, Executive
Human Resources Representative

Lourdes Starr Demers
Executive Director, Astral Artists
Committee: Development, Governance/Board Recruitment

Karen Kramer
Retired, Buyer, Rafaella Corp.
Committee: Governance/Board Recruitment

Maury Peiperl
Dean of the Business School, George Mason University
Committee: Finance, Governance/Board Development

Kelli Randle
Income Maintenance Administrator 1, Commonwealth of PA
Committee: Program

Pam Vanecek
Committees: Development

Emma Frost
Student at Cooper Medical School of Rowan University
Committees: Program, Development

Jessica Doheny, Ex Officio
Executive Director, Appel Farm
Committees: Executive, Development, Program, Finance, Governance/Board Recruitment

Advisory Board

The Honorable Jack Cimprich
Former Mayor, Upper Pittsgrove Township

Loren Thomas, EdD
Former Chief School Administrator/Principal, Creativity CoLaboratory Charter School

AD HOC Facilities Committee

David Descalzi, Chair
Owner/Director, Asphalt Solutions LLC

Heather Yelle
Appel Farm Director of Operations

If you would like to contact a member of our Board, please email