Appel Farm has this unique space of no judgment, joyful creation and true empowerment that I have not found in many other places.

Katerina, camp parent and former camper


Your camper’s physical and emotional safety is our top priority. Our experienced counselors are carefully chosen to be positive role models who will empower your camper to gain self-confidence, awareness and independence in a well supervised environment. 


Your camper is welcomed into a supportive, diverse community where friendship and acceptance are valued. Being surrounded by young people with similar interests, and counselors who actively help young people form connections, ensures that your camper makes friends. 

Personal Growth

We believe all people are inherently creative. With only 230 campers in each session and a 6:1 camper/staff ratio, individualized attention is at the heart of every class. Professional artists and arts educators will guide your camper’s development based on his or her skill level and interests. 


With a balanced schedule of classes, free time, workshops, trips, campfires, performances and special events, every session at Appel Farm is fun!