Counselor In Training Program

Counselors In Training (CIT) are campers who want to focus on developing their leadership skills, create focused projects related to their chosen art form and explore artistic both professional and nonprofessional artistic opportunities past high school.

Program Details

CITs work with their staff mentors during their major and learn leadership and teaching skills during their CIT minor. Our CITs have gone on to assume leadership roles in college and in their professional lives.

CITs are still campers and, like other campers, participate in majors, minors, and camp events. CITs will also assume additional responsibilities, and earn a few special privileges and benefits. 


CITs are campers who meet the following requirements:

Leadership and Experience

Privileges & Responsibilities

How to Apply

Teenagers interested and eligible for the CIT program should register for Camp, and then apply online using the button below.

CIT applications are reviewed and accepted on a rolling basis, and space is limited. We encourage all campers interested in the CIT program to apply early in the season!

If you have any questions, please contact the camp staff at