Appel Farm Arts Camp Scholarship Program

Making Camp Affordable for Families

The Scholarship Applications for Summer 2024 are currently closed. We aim to welcome as many applicants as possible based on our available funding. We will update if more funding becomes available.

As a non-profit camp, Appel Farm is committed to making camp accessible for all families. It is our goal to connect creative kids and young artists to our high-quality, immersive summer arts program—to help them find their art; find their people, and find themselves.

With a wide range of awards, from 25% to 100% of tuition, our dynamic scholarship program can help make camp a reality for your child. 

What is the philosophy behind Appel Farm’s scholarship program?

While financial need is a driving factor in our selection of scholarship recipients, prioritizing the needs of historically underrepresented community members is fundamental to Appel Farm’s mission.

How are Appel Farm scholarships funded?

Appel Farm’s Direct Support

If you wish to support our efforts and help increase the number of camper scholarships we can offer, please consider becoming a Sunflower Circle Member. Your investment will be truly life-changing for a selected camper, as you will sponsor their full tuition for one two-week session each summer for the next three years. 

You may also contribute to our Camp Scholarship Fund. Appel Farm offers tuition assistance to as many campers as possible each summer, depending on available resources and financial need.

Scholarship Partner Organizations

Appel Farm also applies to a number of other organizations who provide funding toward camp scholarships. These funds are often earmarked for campers from specific geographic regions, age/genders, school types, art disciplines, and other criteria. Some of our largest scholarship partners are:

Finally, Appel Farm partners with several organizations who select and sponsor applicants from their own communities. We encourage you to explore these opportunities to see if your camper qualifies:

Do you know about a Foundation who may want to help fund a child coming to camp? We are also looking for new funding opportunities, please email us at if you have suggestions or connections to Foundations!

How are scholarship recipients selected?

Appel Farm has a committee of staff and Board members who select our scholarship recipients each year. Applications are received on a rolling basis beginning in September. The committee meets three times – early January, mid-February, and late March – to review applications and make selections. The committee uses a rubric to help determine how each applicant scores across categories including level of need, interest in the arts, availability of arts programs in their community, and socio-economic background. Based on scoring and the number of applications received, and in consideration of available funds, the committee then determines which applicants will be awarded scholarships each summer. Applicants will be notified of their status once selections have been finalized.

When will I find out if I’m getting a scholarship?

You will be notified once your scholarship has been awarded. If you are not selected to receive a scholarship within the first round, your application will be considered during later selection rounds. If you are not selected to receive a scholarship this year, you will be notified by early April.

Corporate/Business Sponsorship Funds & Matching Program

Whether the business provides 100% of the funds, or chooses to participate in Appel Farm’s Matching Program, each summer Appel Farm is proud to award scholarship funds from the generous support of local and corporate businesses.

Did you know your workplace could sponsor a scholarship? Maybe your church/synagogue group, PTO, or Rotary club would like to send a kid to camp! Email us at