Our Team


Appel Farm finds the very best Counselors, Instructors, and Leadership Team members from all over the world to work at camp each summer! So many of our Camp Staff come back year after year.

Appel Farm needs staff from all backgrounds to run smoothly! We are seeking artists and arts teachers, and non-teaching staff such as lifeguards, facilities, or administrative roles! Don’t let a lack of arts background keep you from joining us!

Why work at Appel Farm Arts Camp?

Camp/Childcare for your kiddo

Are you interested, but have your own youth to care for? If you are the primary caregiver of a youth ages 0-6, Camp provides childcare during your contract! Little Appels, the children of staff who are not yet old enough to live in a bunk, are cared for 9am-9pm by our Little Appels staff. Have a camp-aged child? If they are between 8-16 and you qualify for employment with Camp, your child can participate in our camp program free of charge*! Campers may enroll free of charge in the same amount of camp weeks as their caregiver is contracted for.

Friends & Family Tuition Discount

Siblings and other family members who are camp-aged are eligible for a 20-40% Friends and Family tuition discount!

Partial or Full Summer Contracts

Worried about giving up your entire summer? Hired staff still will need to attend most of Staff Training week (June 16 – June 24), but if a 7 or 9 week contract doesn’t work for you, consider 3 or 5 weeks instead! Exact dates for weekly contracts vary- please make sure to discuss your availability in your application!

Competitive Salary

Appel Farm Arts Camp is committed to achieving an industry-competitive salary range for each of our seasonal positions, in addition to maintaining transparency regarding staff pay. Expected qualifications and experience are listed in the document linked above. Pay ranges vary based on position, but most Camp salaries range between $300-$600 per week in 2023, depending also on exact qualifications, additional training or certification, and previous years on staff at Appel Farm. Lifeguarding, driving the 15-passenger camp vehicle, and Camp Prep/Camp Closing work will earn additional stipends. Staff Training week as well as any required, synchronous pre-camp meetings are paid.

*Families participating in a Staff Exchange (working for tuition) will receive the same type of salary that other staff do and will not be charged for their campers’ tuition, but will be asked to contribute to trip/travel/food costs if their camper’s program requires those fees outside of Camp Tuition.

Seasonal Camp Staff

Meet Our Camp 2024 Staff soon!