Meet our year-round staff!

“My husband and I DVR Jeopardy! every day so we can watch after the kids go to bed. This is one of my favorite times of day in our house!”
Jessica Doheny
Executive Director
Heather Yelle
Director of Operations
“I love reading so much I started a podcast called Overdue, a show about the books you've been meaning to read.”
Craig Getting
Development Director
“I love gardening, cooking and baking, researching family history, exploring old cemeteries, being sarcastic, eating cookies, and attending classes about the moon through my local library.”
Kat Baer
Marketing Manager
“Lover of coffee, cats, Lego, neurodiversity podcasts, creativity, word games, and collecting art supplies.”
Kristina Hill
Director of Curriculum
“My special talent is off-beat dancing, and I love reading fantasy novels.”
Lisa Suzanne Turner
Residency & Community Programs Manager
“I loves my dog Chicken, my niece Tiana, road trips, camping, photography, trivia, Bananagrams, thrifting, and trying out new hobbies!”
Ella Quimby
Camp Director
“I can never remember what a shrinky dink is!”
Tanner Rushing
Assistant Camp Director
“I'm a fitness kickboxer and avid gardener”
Bethann Grasso
Programs Administrator
“I am lucky to have two amazing kids and a husband that gets me.”
Kati Brandt
Programs Administrator
“I've been an avid volunteer at Upper Pittsgrove School, Elmer Little League, Woodstown Soccer Club and the Salem County Humane Society through the years.”
Leslie Saia
Senior Bookkeeper
Morgan Bonino
Garden Manager
Bobby Salter
Facility Manager
“I love kayaking and the outdoors.”
Donald Nees
Assistant Facilities Caretaker
“I love riding crazy rollercoasters and going to fun events at different parks like Six Flags, Disney World, and Universal!”
Breahna Dougherty
Marketing Assistant
“I like to play Dungeons & Dragons, and I sell my artwork at anime conventions”
Sam Miller
AmeriCorps Member
Nick Makosky
AmeriCorps Member