Majors & Minors and Daily Schedule

May 22, 2024

Quick Reminders!

Daily Schedule

At Appel Farm, our day is packed with learning, art making, and FUN! Please see below our Daily Schedule to help make sense of the timing and class periods we will discuss in this email.

Here is Everything You Need To Know About Majors & Minors:

Every year we get the most questions about classes. When will class lists be released? How do I sign up for classes? What if my camper wants to change classes? There’s classes at camp??

Having questions is normal and we’re here to answer all of your most burning questions about Majors and Minors, and what that means for your camper! 

Majors is the longest class period at Appel Farm. The class your camper picks for Majors should be the class they feel really passionate and excited about. This is where they will spend a significant portion of their class time, so we want to be sure they pick something that is engaging and fun for them! This summer we have split majors up into two blocks, Majors and Majors Studios. These two blocks of time will be split by a 10-15 minute break for campers to stretch their legs, grab some water, or use the restroom. It’s a good time for us to reset and get our bodies ready for the second half of Majors.

Minors are classes that are a little shorter and are typically more specialized and nuanced. Minors change every year to fit the interest and expertise of our unique staff. Each department offers several Minors, giving campers plenty of choice and variety in their daily schedule. Please visit our website to see Examples of Past Minors we’ve offered at Appel Farm.

You may remember choosing “Department Interest” on your Camper Information Form during registration. This was mostly so that we could be sure we were hiring enough staff to teach classes in areas with the most camper interest. Just because you chose a particular department of interest does not mean you are locked in to that choice.

Campers do not need to choose Majors and Minors within the same department. We encourage them to mix and match classes based on their interests and what they are truly most excited about

When will we know what classes are available? How will we choose classes? 

On Wednesday June 26 we will open a Class Selection Form in your Household Portal and send an email with a full class list and descriptions of each class. With your camper, you can look through the class list and descriptions and choose the classes your camper would like to sign up for. 

On Thursday June 27th we will host a zoom featuring some of our camp staff, so that you and your campers can ask any questions about classes to be sure you are choosing the one that best fits your camper’s interests. You will receive the link for this zoom in the email you will receive on June 26. 

What if my camper wants to change their class?

If your camper gets to camp and wants to change classes, we allow class changes on the first and second full days of camp. On the first full day of camp, all campers will go to the Majors they have signed up for. If they wish to change their Major, they will be given that opportunity at the end of lunch on the same day. All campers will go to the Minors they have signed up for, and if they wish to change Minors, they will be given that opportunity at the end of Dinner. Campers may also change classes during lunch and dinner on the second full day of camp. 

Do I need to bring any equipment for my camper’s classes?

No. If campers would like to bring instruments, cameras, tap shoes, etc… they are welcomed to do so, but Appel Farm is not responsible for any items lost, stolen, or damaged while at camp. While we welcome campers to bring these items, it is certainly not a requirement. Appel Farm will provide all necessary equipment, costumes, and instruments for our classes and programs.  

What if my camper has no experience in an art form, but wants to take the class?

That is totally okay! All of our classes are mixed age and skill level where campers can not only learn from our qualified instructors, but can also learn from their peers. All of our classes are staffed with at least two instructors and class sizes are kept small so that each camper can get individual attention and instruction. Campers do not need to have any prior experience to take classes at Appel Farm.

We hope this email was helpful to you. We recommend sharing this information with your camper. Often times sharing this type of information can help ease a lot of stress and anxiety and help get them excited about camp! 

If you feel like you have missed any of our emails in our Countdown to Camp series, check out the Caregiver Portal on our website to see past emails and resources to get you and your camper ready for camp!

Please let us know if you have any follow up questions or concerns. We’d be happy to discuss them with you!