Packing List and More!

May 3, 2024

Hello from Appel Farm Arts Camp!

Remember that all Forms in your Household Portal are due by May 15th and any remaining balance on your account is due 30 days prior to your camper’s session!

We are so excited camp is almost here and it’s time to think about what to pack! You can view this packing list and more in the Camper/Caregiver Handbook.

If you have any questions about what to pack, email us at

Plan for hot and cool weather, and pack old, comfortable clothes! Also plan for activities such as pottery, gardening, sports, swimming, performances, and dances. There is approximately 10” of space under each bunk to store luggage, so soft duffel bags are recommended rather than trunks. This list is a guideline, and you may want to bring more or less of any item. Campers staying for 2+ weeks will have laundry done while on camp.

Please label ALL of your camper’s belongings with their name.

1 Week campers should plan to bring about half of these items.

Optional Packing List for Special Programs, etc.

Appel Farm will provide any supplies necessary for classes, including instruments, dance shoes, cameras, etc. The following are only suggestions or in case your camper prefers to bring their own supplies.


Music: Please bring any instrument you plan to study during your majors or minors, excluding

keyboards and drum sets. If you cannot bring an instrument, we have many in stock. Please call the Camp Directors by May 31st for information on instrument availability. Campers may also want to bring amplifiers, pick ups, sheet music, drum sticks, picks, etc. Earplugs are suggested for campers in the rock program.

Dance: Leotards, tights, and dance shoes (if you have them), and an additional small mesh

laundry bag.

Visual Arts: iPad or other tablet, sketchbook, personal art supplies.

Media Arts: iPad or other tablet, digital drawing pad, digital SLR camera.

Photography: 35mm SLR film camera, with MANUAL settings. Please test your camera and make all necessary repairs before camp, and be sure to pack an extra battery. We also provide cameras for students to borrow, if needed.

Technical Theater: Dark/black clothes for backstage, paint clothes, closed-toe shoes for working in the scene shop.

Sports & Swim: Tennis shoes, tennis racquet, hat, swim goggles, sunblock.

Food Allergies: Campers with gluten allergies can bring special snacks and/or dessert items to be kept in the Health Center. Please label them with your camper’s name, and give them to a Health Center staff on Check-In Day.

2+ Week Campers: a small bag with zipper for storing money/cash for off-site trips

Items not allowed at camp

*Please read our Technology Policy*

Cell phones, tablets, smart watches and any other devices that have a cellular or data connection to the internet (*see Technology Policy); televisions, computers including laptops*, and DVD/Blu-Ray players; pets; skateboards, bicycles, and rollerblades; food, candy, gum, and drinks other than water; appliances including kettles, hot pots, coffee makers, etc; money, ATM cards, credit cards, and valuables that are not necessary at camp; candles, wax warmers, incense, smoke cleansing bundles; weapons including pocket knives, X-acto blades, loose razorblades, swiss army knives, and “toy” weapons including fencing swords, cap guns, bb guns; and any item that is otherwise hazardous or flammable.

* CIT program participants may bring a laptop with them for occasional supervised use.

Check out past emails in the Caregiver Portal. You can also check out Facebook and Instagram, to stay in touch! You can always reach out to us at and 856-358-6881 as well.

We are so excited to welcome you to Appel Farm this summer!