Inquiry Form – Overnight Event @ Appel Farm

Thank you for considering Appel Farm Arts & Music Center for your next event.
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General Information about Arrival and Departure Times
Arrival Time may be scheduled as early as 9:00AM.
Departure Time may be scheduled as late as 5:00PM.

General Information about Meals
On-site catering is available for your group for up to three meals a day.
Arrival days will include lunch and dinner only.
Departure days will include breakfast and lunch only.

What’s Next to Book Your Event?
Thank you for completing this questionnaire. A member of our team will be in touch with you
soon to assist in scheduling your event! We will have additional questions regarding your

activities that will assist in understanding what facilities will best serve you, and what housing
accommodations you will need. Pricing varies according to specific space and bunk usage.
If you have any further questions, or would like to schedule a tour of our facilities, please
contact the Director of Operations, Heather Yelle at 856-358-2472 ext. 103 or