Residencies in Community

Arts learning isn’t just for schools! People of all ages and abilities will benefit from an arts residency experience. 

Appel Farm connects with partner organizations that provide social services and healthcare to a diverse range of people to reach children and families who otherwise may not have access to the arts. We believe that everyone has the ability to learn and to express themselves through the arts. The arts have amazing, transformative power for youth, adults, families, and communities regardless of abilities or prior experience.

Whether you are seeking a program designed to bring art-for-art’s-sake opportunities to your organization, or you desire to customize your arts learning experience to focus on social-emotional learning, community building, or improvement in mental health and wellness, Appel Farm can work with you to create a residency experience that suits your needs.

Traditional Visual, Performing & Media Arts Residencies

Art for Art’s Sake

Traditional Visual, Performing, and Media Arts Residencies allow participants of any age or ability to explore a specific artistic discipline in a safe, noncompetitive environment. Traditional Residencies can be customized to a schedule that works for you, and are offered in the following disciplines: 

Arts & Wellness Residencies

Appel Farm’s core values are safety, community, personal growth, and fun. These values are a strong foundation upon which we construct arts experiences rooted in fostering empathy, creativity, and artistry. Arts and Wellness residencies are process-focused arts programs  designed to illuminate the intersection between arts education and Social-Emotional Learning (SEL). Participation in visual and performing arts residencies can enhance creative expression, improve wellness, strengthen family ties, promote positive change and empower individuals to become their best selves.

For more information and to schedule a residency, please contact Kristina Hill, Director of Curriculum at